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Anti hail net

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Anti hail net

Anti hail net is a by adding anti-aging, anti ultraviolet, and other chemical additives polyethylene as the main raw material, made by manufacturing drawing mesh fabric, with tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to waste processing etc. advantages.

brief introduction

防雹网覆盖栽培是一项增产实用的环保型农业新技术,通过覆盖在棚架上构建人工隔离屏障,将冰雹拒之网外,有效控制各类冰雹,霜降,雨雪等的天气以及预防因遭受天气的危害。且具有透光、 防雹网适度遮光等作用,创造适宜作物生长的有利条件,确保大幅度减少菜田化学农药的施用,使产出农作物优质、卫生,为发展生产无污染的绿色农产品提供了强有力的技术保证。防雹网还具有抵御暴风雨冲刷和冰雹侵袭等自然灾害。 防雹网广泛应用于蔬菜、油菜等制繁原种时作隔离花粉传入用,马铃薯、花卉等组培脱毒后隔罩及无公害蔬菜等,也可以应用于烟草育苗时作防虫、防病等用,目前是物理防治各类农作物、蔬菜害虫的首选产品。真正让广大消费者吃上放心菜,为我国菜篮子工程作出贡献。

Anti hail net covering cultivation is a stimulation in practical environmental protection type of new agricultural technology, by covering the construction of artificial isolation barrier on the scaffolding, refusing to hail the network, effective control of hail, frost, rain, snow and the weather and for the prevention of harm suffered by the weather. And has light, hail suppression moderate shading effect, create a suitable to the favorable conditions for crop growth, ensure that greatly reduce the application of chemical pesticide in vegetable fields, the output of crop quality, health, no pollution for the development of production of green agricultural products provides a powerful technical guarantee. Anti hail net also has storm erosion and hail and other natural disasters. Anti hail net is widely used in vegetables, the rape of numerous seed isolation pollen afferents with, potatoes, flowers, and other tissue culture virus-free isolating cover and without vegetable of social effects of pollution, can also be application in tobacco seedling for pest control, prevention with, is currently the preferred products of physical control various types of crops, vegetable pests. Really let the masses of consumers to eat "at ease", to make contribution to our country's vegetable basket project.


Installation method


Anti hail net installations, is best in March, the North rainy season before the advent of, early is not necessary, the late perhaps when a hail, too late to regret it. It is installed is very simple, as long as the anti hail net pull up flat on the ground floor in the vine above, distance grape top 5 to 10 cm, 2 piece of net connection with nylon ropes or bundles or seam, corner is the same, in short, strong can, need special attention is must be pulling the net to some tight, so that it can be the most effective against hail attack.


A case study on the construction of the vineyard:


Vineyard erection of main materials of anti hail net has three, column, truss, hail net, auxiliary materials have frame pad, wire, cable and other.


1 column selection


Column is to support the skeleton of the grid and the hail net, plays a supporting role, it must have strong, durable characteristics and can be used for more than 15 years. Use of wood, cement and stone column three materials.


The column is divided into two kinds, one is the old park, formed by 1 poles in the transformation of the old root bound column based on the garden. Wood with hardwood making, can undertake the network, network and the weight of the hail hail. Second, the park, the new, making new park column, cement column or columns of length than the original grape frame column increase 60cm to direct the formation of hail suppression net post.


2 grid and frame pad selection


The grid requires good durability, extending the erection of material production, with 12 or 8 - 10 with steel wire erection.

架垫要求耐磨、耐老化,可用旧轮胎制作,规格15 cm×10cm

Frame pad for wear and aging resistance, can be used for the production of old tires, specifications 15 cm * 10cm


3 according to the choice of materials


Hail net material: 1 requirements for light weight, convenient installation; 2 cheap and durable; 3; 4 of small light.


After years of screening, nylon net are eliminated because the price is high; the barbed wire due to steel price year after year, high cost, has been rarely used; now used in production of anti hail net to polyethylene net.

3. 葡萄防雹网的架设技术

3 the erection of hail net.


Anti hail net surface and the grape surface (scaffolding) or top (trellis) distance is 50cm, anti hail net material with white color is appropriate, according to many years of experience, in order to prevent weathering and anti aging, to extend the term of land use, in grape shelves after soil burial to timely net, net is pulled to the bundling end or the net recover storage.


For more details, please visit our company's flexible wind and dust suppression network products: 当然您也可以在百度上搜索永杰防风抑尘网来了解我们的更多信息。

Http://, of course, you can also search for a permanent Jie wind and dust suppression network on Baidu to understand our more information.


Anping County Xin macro wire mesh products Co., Ltd. is located in Asia's largest production base of wire mesh, with "Chinese silk screen of the township" reputation in Anping County, is

provided with a punching net windproof dust production workshop, steel grid plate production workshop, flexible windbreak dust net and polyester fiber (PET) dustproof net production workshop, Yongjie organization of sound companies, complete equipment, advanced production technology, the development so far has fixed assets million yuan.

Among them, Hongxin wire mesh products Co., Ltd. of windproof dust workshop, flexible wind dust network, to cover the coal net, polyester dust-proof net, windshield anti dust walls, polyethylene anti dust, anti hail net, naughty Fort net, nets, golf net have leading automatic preparation equipment, fight after molding equipment etc.. Polyethylene windbreak wall workshop at home and abroad wind proof and dust suppressing wall technology, combined with their own work in the polyethylene network such as export mesh bag, fishing net, naughty Fort net polyethylene and preparation of products for many years of experience and technology for the preparation of flexible dust-proof network technology gradually be improved and perfected, especially the windshield anti dust wall under different environmental conditions of open pit coal mine, coking plant, coal washing plant, power plants, ports, terminals, coal highway cargo station coal storage yard, ash field, suppression and wind dust wall installation method and engineering materials choice has made breakthrough progress. Products sold in Xinjiang, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia Wuhai in Jinzhou, Liaoning Shenyang Heilongjiang and export and other and provide quality support services for more than a thousand the size of the project.

Hongxin wire mesh products Co., Ltd. Netherlands network production workshop, with the leading domestic equipment and a large number of processing households, to provide customers with fast and high quality of product, can also according to the customer's processing customized size and user guide for installation. Products sold in more than 20 provinces and cities in the country, are exported to Europe and the United States, Australia, the Middle East, international market and provide quality support services for more than a thousand the size of the project, by the majority of customers trust and praise. We are willing to work with new and old customers at home and abroad in the spirit of sincere cooperation, mutual benefit principle to establish a wide range of cooperative relations, I believe that through our joint efforts will be able to create a better future!



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