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Anping Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. Ming Feng
Contact: Zhang 18631879585
Fixed phone: 0318-7682823
Fax: 0318-7682823
Inquiry QQ:393960402

Corporate Culture

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Rich and bright company enterprise culture

Business objectives

The construction of a first-class line, the domestic excellent wire mesh company

Note: in the business scale, quality service, customer satisfaction and other aspects of the first-class, excellent

To create a strong market competitiveness and comprehensive strength of the company

Note: through outward oriented development strategy to achieve management specialization, production integration, and actively participate in market competition. Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

To provide customers with the best quality products, the leading edge of the wire mesh industry

Note: to provide quality products - we are duty bound to. Guide the trend of the industry is our struggle of faith

Relying on An Ping, facing the whole country; market oriented, mechanism innovation; the only.

Note: the world silk screen of the township - Anping market as our strong foundation, and gradually extended the range of our customers, and ultimately our customers all over the country and the world;

Everything for the market, customer oriented, customer satisfaction as the root, enhance core competitiveness, promote management innovation, to adapt to market changes. Enhance the vitality of enterprises

Adhere to the people-oriented concept, the staff as the company's most important resources, as the driving force to promote the company's innovation and development

Enterprise spirit

Integrity, performance, efforts and struggle

Note: dust suppression with people, integrity management; loyalty to the enterprise, the customer's enthusiasm. Sincere to colleagues

Work efficiency. Operating efficiency, the effect of the work; for the customer, for the company, for individual creation is in the value of.

To open up and forge ahead. To make good ideas into practical action

Corporate creed

Integrity management is the survival of the enterprise

Quality services to the source of enterprise efficiency

Innovation is the soul of the enterprise

To be a man in advance

Customer demand is the driving force for the improvement of our work

To provide a number of runway for talent takeoff

Corporate image is an intangible asset

Code of conduct

Loyalty, law-abiding;

Seiko business, sincere service;

Qinye work, Yong Chong benefits;

Sincere cooperation, team oriented

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Anping Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. Ming Feng
Contact: Zhang 18631879585
Fixed phone: 0318-7682823
Fax: 0318-7682823
Inquiry QQ:393960402
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